We completed Puppy 1 with our Standard Poodle puppy, Sebastian, and are now in Puppy 2. We are very pleased with the skills that he is learning to be a happy member of our household.
Date of Posting: 08 October 2013
Posted By: Natalie
We brought our bulldog mix puppy, Chum-Lee to Marion's puppy manners class and we were very happy with all the techniques she showed us to help handle the typical puppy issues. We never expected him to learn sit and down so quickly or easily! Marion is very helpful and knowledgable about any questions we may have.
Date of Posting: 05 October 2013
Posted By: Andrea Morgan
Marion's individual trainings were tremendously helpful in working with my pit bull Neva on basic manners and house breaking behaviors. Not only did I appreciate her use of entirely positive techniques, but I also found her knowledgeable and practical suggestions to be equally helpful as well. I would recommend Marion for help on any training issues!
Date of Posting: 30 June 2013
Posted By: Kathryn
I want anyone contemplating using Marion's services to do so. Her positive training techniques have turned around my rescue German Shepherd in less than a week. If these techniques are not powerful, nothing is. Having prior experience with Marion, I reached out to her and she came through for me. I knew it would be a challenge.

Marion has offered her expertise, assistance and knowledge now the dog is responding better than I could ever have imagined.

I urge anyone considering Molasses Creek Dog Training to just do it. You won't be sorry neither will your dog. That's the important part.
Date of Posting: 28 May 2013
Posted By: Gary Kucsan
Foster, Fogelsville, Pa
Lisa had mentioned that her picture of Xander wouldn't go through so I wanted to attach one of our loving handful of a "pup".
Date of Posting: 09 May 2013
Posted By: Dan Nicholas
Dog Lover, Sellersville, Pa
Xander is a Great Pyrenees we adopted in August of 2012 when he was ten months old. For anyone who knows the Pyr breed, you know they are traditionally a very stubborn dog. Well, combine a very stubborn dog with one who has separation anxiety and you come home to things destroyed in your house every single day. Crating was not an option (he bent the metal bars on 2 crates), so we needed something else. I found Molasses Creek Dog Training via a simple Google search and contacted Marion to see if she could help us. Not only did she contact me via phone within hours, but she spent a lot of time on the phone helping me with general dog psychology and put a lot of things into perspective. I was convinced she could help us so we signed Xander up for Adult Manners I--he graduated 4/27/13. The training was good for all of us (Xander, my husgand, and me) He is a good dog and we are very pleased at the improvement in things--so much so that we will be signing up for Adult Manners II very shortly!
Xander is still going to have a mind of his own, but we have come a long way and owe it all to Marion and Molasses Creek Dog Training! I highly recommend Marion for any dog training needs!
Date of Posting: 08 May 2013
Posted By: Dan and Lisa Nicholas
Dog Lover (Preferrably Rescue Dogs), Sellersville, PA
While on vacation in Hilton Head, SC I rescued a 5 yr old American Foxhound. 'Harmony' was beleived to be from a hunting pack in a rural area. So afraid, this unsocialized dog touched my heart; I never saw a dog fold itself in half so much trying to hide. Too scared to even drink or eat at first, she slowly started to follow behind my other dog as I tried to gain her trust.
After 9 months, I enrolled her in Wall Flowers class. It was clear right away that Marion understands these dogs and what it takes to unlock their potential to become a confident, balanced pet. In just 7 weeks, Harmony can follow simple commands to sit, stay, come; runs "to" the doorbell when it rings instead of "away" to greet guests; and stands with her head up and tail wagging. It's been a slow, but rewarding process to watch my wall flower finally start to bloom!
Date of Posting: 01 April 2013
Posted By: Kathleen Monahan
very fearful dog, Lansdale, PA
My 10 month old Aussie ( Ms. Summer Breeze)and I have been attending Training Class with Marion for several months. Ms. Summer tells everyone how pleased she is with my progress!
In all seriousness, Marion's training style is one of patience, sincerity and an absolute love of dogs. She will teach you to train through Only Positive Reinforcement. Summer and I look forward to our weekly class. I wish all homework was as much fun as Marion's!
JoAnn Johnson
Pohatcong NJ
Date of Posting: 12 November 2012
Posted By: JoAnn Johnson
Coopersburg, PA
Our little boy Keisel did so well during Puppy Level 1 training class! And this is all thanks to Marion! If we weren't moving an hour away we would definitely attend more of her training classes. She was very patient and knowledgeable!
Date of Posting: 08 October 2012
Posted By: Vanessa Wheeler
Quakertown, PA
Bringing Buddy to training classes was the next best choice after bringing home my peke. It has established a wonderful bond between Buddy and I through very positive and effective training methods. It is also a lot of fun. Buddy and I always look forwad to classes. Highly recommend for obedience and a well mannered canine companion. Our next goal is for the CGC and then therapy dog.
Date of Posting: 06 June 2012
Posted By: pat vamvas
first time dog owner, harmony

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