Thank you so much for your patience and expert guidance with Shane, with your training he is on his way to become a “Canine American”.

Kind regards,
Shane Theodore MacGregor
and Marion and Neal Stokes
Date of Posting: 04 June 2012
Posted By: Marion & Neal Stokes
Allentown, PA
I've had the pleasure of having Marion on my radio show to talk about how to have the happiest and healthiest relationship with your dog. Marion has the knowledge and insight to take the mystery out of being the best friend to your wee beastie! She zeroed right in on the few behavior issues my little Margot was having and 'poof!' problem solved. Thanks Marion! All the Best, Reenie On Your Radio 90.3 WXLV
Date of Posting: 02 May 2012
Posted By: Reenie McGrath
radio show host and dog lover!, Emmaus

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